Hi...? Are you reading an "About" page? Do people actually read these? Uh, okay...I guess we should put something here.

We're the founders of ME/H (Me Over Hentai); anime enthusiasts from Vancouver, Canada. We’re long-time convention-goers, but have always been disappointed by the low-quality materials and thinness of anime-themed streetwear available; not suitable for the chilly Canadian weather. That's why we decided to start ME/H and create high-tier anime streetwear that solves this problem.

We aimed to launch in 2019, but when the pandemic hit, it threw a wrench in our plans. Supply chain issues forced us to make a tough call: choose a supplier that was available so we could start right away, or stay committed to sourcing exceptional quality. We happen to be really stubborn people, so we decided to delay our launch until we could get our hands on the best materials. Now in 2023, we’ve produced one of the best, if not the best, quality hoodies available in North America.

TLDR; We believe that just because the design is “taboo” doesn’t mean the quality has to suffer. So, we made some lewd designs and put them on a dope-ass hoodie. You're welcome, now give us money.